Friday, July 28, 2017

Read to Them!

I'm excited to have finally started my blog! I have always had a love for writing, as well as reading. Reading is very important, I beleive. I make my girls read everyday. They have even started their own offline blogs. It's more of a journal right now, but it's a start. Reading and Writing just opens up the mind to so many possibilities. I also find it very important to read TO my girls. Even though they are 13, 12, and 10, I still read to them every night. Some days, our life gets hectic, and seeing as we pretty much homeschool year round, we dont get much done, but never miss bedtime reading. I will be honest, a lot of nights I just want to throw in the towel, and say " I'm not reading tonight, I'm too tired", but I dont. They look forward to it so much.  Your children are only children once, and although I have made many mistakes, I'm striving to make as many memories as I can with them, while I have the chance to. More and more lately I have noticed myself trading in my excuses, for quality memories with my children. My ultimate goal as a mother, is to have my girls grow up to be strong, independent women. Women who are aware of all the dangers in this world. Women who love and respect others as well as themselves. Women who want to provide a healthy, natural life for their own children. The only way this will happen is if I show them. I have to be an inspiration to them. Inspire them to be God loving, passionate, educated, and to live this Earth and appreciate all the things that God has provided for us in Nature!

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