Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wellness, what is it?

Ok, so back to the WELLNESS point. I guess the place to start would be my definition of wellness. It could mean many different things. My explanation of wellness is a little different. Wellness to me is not just about health. It's a mind, body, spirit thing. Wellness to me is contentness with what you eat, where you live, who you are around, what you beleive, and how you act. All these things have to be in harmony with eachother. If all these things are in sync, then I believe you have wellness. It's a state of mind. Ever heard the old Baptist hymn "It is well with my soul"? I mean being content with your life, how you live it, who you live it with, that's wellness. For me, it's spending time with my kids and husband, gardening, cooking, baking, reading, writing, not having the TV going, and learning. My wellness also includes trying to use more natural and organic products. Not relying on the grocery store for everything. Not relying on big pharmaceutical companies for my pain releif, or a cough, or a tummy ache! That makes me feel well. Wellness was dumping my entire box of pills for my many ailments in the trash. Wellness is reading to my girls at bedtime. Wellness is cooking a good, healthy meal. Wellness is gathering fresh eggs from my chickens. Wellness is having all my dishes washed. So, how do you plan on being well? Achieve wellness your own way, and in your own time. Start little. If you are unhappy, reflect on what is making you unhappy, and change it. Baby steps. You will get there. We can all achieve wellness together!!

Motherhood, am I a failure? NOPE!

Ever feel like a failure of a Mom? I know I do! But guess what? You're not. Being a Mom is like the hardest job on the planet. I don't care what anybody says! So much to do. So much to worry about. It's a never ending story. But being a Mom obviously is about your kids, it's not about you. So the question to ask yourself, is, are your kids happy, and are you happy? If yes, then you are doing it right. If the answer is no, then you are still doing it right. Confused? Guess what? Our job of being a Mom isn't gonna make our kids happy 100% of the time. They are gonna love us at times, and hate us at times. You just gotta keep loving them, and taking care of them. That's the job. I know my girls get so mad at me sometimes. Like everything is my fault. But then sometimes, they love me, or at least act like they do! Ha! Maybe that the life with three girls, and teenagers. And I'm not happy all the time either. I feel like a failure a lot. I worry constantly. Are they happy? Did they get enough to eat? Am I making the right choice? Did I instill in them good values and morals? Hopefully. But they are still kids, have to wait and see.  The main thing to remember about being a mom,  is we are all different. We all are raising our kids differently. All of our kids are different. And you can't make everyone happy all the time. It's a hard job! Cooking, cleaning, breaking up arguments over who's shirt that is, running them here and there, more cooking and cleaning, making sure they actually took a bath and washed their bodies, grocery shopping, did I mention cooking and cleaning? Goodness, the list goes on forever. But you are doing it. Everyday. That's what matters. That's what makes you a mom. It all may seem like it's falling apart right now, but it isnt. Just breathe! It's gonna work out. Motherhood is NOT some perfect commercial with everyone sitting at the kitchen table, with a beautifully prepared meal, clean house, and smiles all around! That's just not real! At least I don't think it is. And it gives moms a false sense of what they should be doing as a mom. Real motherhood is screaming, and yelling, toys everywhere, poop, and blood, and crying, a messy home, dirty dishes, and hopefully at the end of the day, a halfway decent meal for supper! It gets hectic. No two days are the same. It definitly isn't perfect. What is perfect anyways? My motherhood is mine. No other mom is just like me. We all do it different. The main thing is you are doing it. Don't give up. It will all be worth it in 20 years. You just keep doing it, keep on Mom'in. When you start feeling like a failure agai, just come back and read this again! Are the kids fed? Are they clean? Are they not bleeding? Are you not bleeding? Then guess what? YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE! You are doing the hardest job on the planet! CUDOS TO YOU MOM!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

It's MY life!

If you want to try to live a more natural, organic, green life, but don't know where to start, you are in the right place. Here, I'm not going to tell you what to do, but will help you decide how to do it, and give my advice. Nobody is perfect in this world. Nobody has a perfected lifestyle. We are all different. I have made so many wrong decisions in my life, so many wrong paths, but they were MY wrong decisions. I consider them to be wrong. You have to decide for yourself what your priorities are. You decide for yourself what You consider to be your right or wrong decisions. Where have they led you? Where do You want to be? Make the effort to be a better you. Your way.  You have to do what you feel to be right. Society today tends to "follow the leader". Don't follow along just because everyone else is doing it. Find what matters to you, see where your passion leads. You lead your own life. My number one passion is my kids, and my husband. But there are so many other things I think I am passionate about, but don't put as much effort into. Being so passionate about my family, I try to base my decisions on what I believe to be right for them. Right for our family. Trust me, I have made many wrong decisions, that at the time, I thought were right. It's ok! I learned from them. Grew from them. Don't try to perfect your life by looking to someone else's life. Matter of fact, don't try to perfect your life. Just live it. Do what makes you happy. I have lived my entire life based on what others thought to be right. Not anymore. This is my life, my family. Some people do not approve of us Homeschooling our girls. That's ok. They are not their kids. They are mine. Some people beleive that trying to be healthy, and live a more natural life is ridiculous.  That's ok. It's not their life. In an essence, nobody is doing it right, just what we BELIEVE  to be right. So do what makes you happy. What makes me happy is having my kids at home, growing my own vegetables, making jelly, cooking and baking, raising my chickens, and lots of other things. My lifestyle isn't for everyone, nor should it be. Not everyone has the same interests. Nor is my lifestyle the right or wrong lifestlye. This is just how I have chosen to live my life and raise my kids. You just do you, and do it with all your heart! But, if a natural, and simple lifestyle IS what you want, then glad you found me! I hope I can inspire you, and help you along the way! So, what makes you happy?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Read to Them!

I'm excited to have finally started my blog! I have always had a love for writing, as well as reading. Reading is very important, I beleive. I make my girls read everyday. They have even started their own offline blogs. It's more of a journal right now, but it's a start. Reading and Writing just opens up the mind to so many possibilities. I also find it very important to read TO my girls. Even though they are 13, 12, and 10, I still read to them every night. Some days, our life gets hectic, and seeing as we pretty much homeschool year round, we dont get much done, but never miss bedtime reading. I will be honest, a lot of nights I just want to throw in the towel, and say " I'm not reading tonight, I'm too tired", but I dont. They look forward to it so much.  Your children are only children once, and although I have made many mistakes, I'm striving to make as many memories as I can with them, while I have the chance to. More and more lately I have noticed myself trading in my excuses, for quality memories with my children. My ultimate goal as a mother, is to have my girls grow up to be strong, independent women. Women who are aware of all the dangers in this world. Women who love and respect others as well as themselves. Women who want to provide a healthy, natural life for their own children. The only way this will happen is if I show them. I have to be an inspiration to them. Inspire them to be God loving, passionate, educated, and to live this Earth and appreciate all the things that God has provided for us in Nature!

Did You Know?

Did you know that all these Toxins are hiding in the products that you may use everyday? I diddnt either, until I started learning and researching about Toxins, and living a Chemical Free life! When was the last time you looked at the ingredients list on that bottle?


A little backstory on myself.
I'm Amanda Wilson.
I am 32 years old. Been married for almost 15 years. I have 3 beautiful daughters; 13, 12, and 10, whom I Homeschool. I have always been very in tune with nature. I always thought I was born in the wrong century.  People who know me best, say I'm an old soul, and a pioneer woman. I just feel very deeply about our planet, and very saddened by what humans have done to it. I have not always lived a #green life. I fell into the norm of society as well as all the conveniences,  I do love my air conditioning! But as I get older, and as my girls get older, I have realized that we must do what we can to take care of ourselves, and the planet. I started researching more natural, and simple ways of living a few years ago, until it grew into my passion. I try everyday to do my part in taking care of myself, and my family. I am always looking for ways to be more natural, and green. Slowly we are doing away with all the harmful, and toxic things in our life. We started simple; bath time. We switched to handmade , natural, organic soap. We immediately noticed a change. Healthier skin. That just turned us more passionate about being natural, and using natural products. I have decided that as my family and I embark on this natural life, we should share it with others. I hope to inspire others to #GoGreen and to live a more natural and #ToxinFree life. I hope you enjoy this blog, and I hope you will share it with like minded individuals.  Thanks for the support, and I look forward to building a relationship with each of you!

Wellness, what is it?

Ok, so back to the WELLNESS point. I guess the place to start would be my definition of wellness. It could mean many different things. My ex...